Services and Rates

New Client Special

3 Private Sessions for $180

*New Clients Only
**Limit 1 New Client Special package per client
***Expires within one month of purchase

Pilates Classes

Classes are best for clients who are able to manipulate the equipment themselves and adhere to safety factors.
Apparatus used for Trios: Tower, Mat, Props.

Class Schedule

1-3 sessions
$40 each

4-7 sessions
$35 each

8+ sessions
$30 each

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are the best for individualization and advancement in the classical system. They are also best for a rehabilitative Pilates approach.
Apparatus Used: Utilizes all apparatus necessary for individual workout.

1-3 sessions
$70 each

4+ sessions
$65 each

Duet Sessions

Duet Sessions work well for partners that are at similar skill levels.
Apparatus used for Duets: Reformer, Tower, Mat, Props, Chairs, Spine Correctors, Barrels.

If Duet partner cannot make session options are as follows:

  1. Upgrade to a private session
  2. A 40 minute private for a session exchange
  3. Early cancel
1 session / month
$55 / person per session

4 sessions / month
$50/ person per session

  • All packages expire within 1 month of purchase
  • All sessions are subject to 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • No transfers
  • No sharing of packages
  • Clients must prepay for all packages prior to sessions booked (cash, check, credit card)
  • Credit card purchases are subject to credit card fees.
  • All packages are to be purchased ahead of time.