“I have been doing Pilates since the late 90’s and I started training with Dawn in 2015-2016 Senior PGA season. She is one of the best instructors I’ve worked with as she has great skill in determining what my individual training needs are to keep me on the course, literally. In 2016 I won the Senior PGA championship with hard work and dedication to my training which included Pilates sessions with her. I highly recommend training with Dawn as it is clear she is dedicated to her profession and her clients, she truly is a class act.”
~Rocco Mediate, 2016 Senior PGA Champion

“Dawn is one of the best trainers I have had the opportunity to work with. She is patient, caring, and very motivating. I have a rare disease that causes dislocations and other issues and Dawn has always made sure to keep me safe while also making sure I get a good workout. She also has always been able to work around injuries and correct my form even down to the littlest things out of place. I always feel comfortable when working with her. I rarely am ever in extra pain because of our workouts like I was when working with a few other Pilates trainers. Dawn is very hard working, and extremely fun to work with. You won’t find a better Pilates trainer than Dawn. Thank you Dawn!”
~Katie S of AZ

“You really like what you do and I love how positive you are.”
~Christine of AZ

“I golfed like I’ve never golfed before. I beat my husband last Saturday!”
~Lynn of AZ

“Have you ever considered going back to school to become a Physical Therapist? You really know the body.”
~Kara of AZ

“Thanks so much for today. You really were excellent and I am so impressed with your cuing and your obvious passion for Pilates! I have worked with Dawn in group exercise for years and THIS is her true calling! Her cues were excellent, as was her use of props. She made the hour go by quickly and I walked away feeling great.”

~Jill of AZ

“Just had to tell you that my abs/obliques are more sore today than they have ever been. I’m feeling the glutes and hamstrings too! Great workout. You’re the best! :)”
~Christine of AZ